Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Whats your style?

Do you like Johnny Depp? Do you like his style of clothing? Known for being introverted and serious, the Kentucky native flaunts his style prowess during public appearances, pairing retro-inspired separates with rebellious accents including thick silver rings, chunky necklaces, and wallet chains. While film buffs appreciate Depp’s acting chops, his off-camera personal style wins points with an even more discriminating audience.

I like khaki pants that are soft. I wear them with light colored shirts and I feel light when am with these kind of clothes. I remember my Dockers pair of khakis that I wear everyday at school. I love that pants! It’s just sad because I can’t wear it anymore..I missed that pair of pants.

Speaking of style.. There’s this Dockers contest going on where you create your own commercial video. I viewed some of the entries and they were all good. Some will make you laugh!


You’ve got your own style right? Show the world how much you love your pants! Create your own Dockers commercial about your pants and submit as videos to Dockers or Dockers TV Commercial Contest and have a chance to see your ad video on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC!

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