Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chill To The Bones

I was watching TV last night while am doing the photos for my blog. It was a horror movie, but then I asked myself “when was the last time I watched a horror movie”? Hah! It was almost a year! I remember I was with Cheng² and we were like hiding behind the pillows and asked each other “what’s happening”?

So I browsed the net for upcoming horror movies and I bumped into THIS CREEPY Trailer. Based on the trailer, I think the movie would scare a lot of people and this will include YOU! YES YOU! Aside from being scary, the movie Frontier(s) has a controversy going on that Frontier(s) is “Unrated”, and most unrated movies don’t get to theatres and this film is doing so. Good thing they’ll be able to show it in selected theatres UNCUT and UNRATED on May 9.

Though we won’t be able to watch it on theatres, no worries! The UNRATED and UNCUT version of it will be released on May 13th in DVD! Yes! We will be able to watch it at the comfort of our own home! With popcorns and chips and soda this time! But then again.. We will be hiding behind those pillows. Hehe.

Sponsored by Frontier(s)

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