Thursday, July 31, 2008

Remembering Alzheimer's

I remember I saw a documentary one time in TV. It talked about remembering something. It talked about memories. It talked about the memories of the people inside the Home for the Aged. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common sickness that people admitted in that institution has. It’s very evident that we have to do something about it. And then I found out about this Alzheimer's Memory Walk.

This event is the nation's largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer care, support and research – and it calls on volunteers of all ages to become champions in the fight against Alzheimer's. There will be walks in more than 600 communities. A typical Memory Walk is a 2-3 mile walk held on a weekend morning in the fall. Teaming up with the Alzheimer's Association, we can walk with a purpose – and move us closer to a world without Alzheimer's. Together, we can MOVE a nation and go away from the dread of Alzheimer’s.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Harry and Tom

I've read the book. Now I'm looking forward to see it on the big screen! We'll be seeing the young Tom Riddle in this new and upcoming film. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will surely be exciting!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Never behind with Cisco

I’m taking my bachelors degree right now in one of the worst computer school (Bwahaha!) here in my place. If it were not because of their financial program probably I’m already finished with my degree. Anyways, even if it’s the most corrupt school in the country, there’s one program that I think is the best offer that they have, the CISCO Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) program which is embedded in our curriculum.

CISCO is the first and leading manufacturer of quality switches and routers. They have their own online academy where you can learn and study how the internet works and how you can create your own network of networks! Learn how to setup your own CISCO router manually or automatically. Create your own Wide Area Network.

I’m currently enrolled in their CCNA program which introduces me to the world of networking. We were taught to setup networks and networks of computers. We delved into cabling and some other cool networking stuff! We also tackled how to configure a CISCO router to connect to another router. Later on, we will be discussing user controls in different computer platforms.

And the best is yet to come.. If you’ll take and pass their online Cisco certification exam, you’ll have another plus on your resume! I myself am planning to take their Cisco certification exam when I’m done taking my 4 semesters in their online academy. Cisco will definitely help you to get successful in your career! You’ll never get behind with Cisco.

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Sickly Week

After being absent for a week, finally I’m back. After our visit to Marilog, that afternoon I already felt that bad feeling. The feeling that I’m about to get sick.

Saturday – It was already 8:00 a.m. when I woke up. And when I tried to get up, I was dizzy. I knew right there and then that I am sick. I couldn’t eat well because all the food that I try to eat was tasteless. Grandma and Cheng² usually puts a wet towel on my forehead to lower my body temperature, and it did. Well at least for hours. But when the night comes, it rises up again. And I’ll start to feel cold.

Sunday – When I got up that morning, I immediately went to the Sala because I wanted to sit and watch TV (even if I’m so dizzy). “Hala! Ano yang nasa mukha mo?” my sister asked me. “Ha?, Bakit?” I asked her back and struggled to get to the mirror to have a look at myself. Little red rashes started to appear in my face. I was nervous that time because the idea of having a dengue started to appear in my mind. Considering the fact that my body temperature sometimes goes down and up again after a few hours, I started to get nervous (who wouldn’t?). So later that evening we decided that I will have my blood platelets checked early in the morning the next day.

Monday – We went to the lab to have my platelets checked. It’s only 157k, meaning low. If it get’s below 100k, I’ll start to have nosebleeds, or gum bleeds, Dengue. I wen't to a Doctor in the OPD of SPH to have the result of my blood test read and she told me that I have to be admitted because I have signs of Dengue (see?). But I refused. I went to the OPD section of the Davao Medical Center to have a second opinion. The doctors asked me where the rashes started. "Sa face no?" the doctors asked. I said yes. And the she asked me again, "..tapos sa body na pababa?" I said yes again. And the the doctor told her assistant to check something behind my ears. She touched something behind my ear, there's a lump behind it. "Ah, yes doc meron o.." her assistant told the doctor. "Ah, Rubella and sakit mo" the doctor told me. Without an idea what it is.. i said ok.. lol.

Later on, I searched the net to know what it is. Rubella, in lay-mans term is German Measles. I really got relieved when I've read about it.

It went on like that for the next 2 days. But I still visit the lab to monitor my platelets. Luckily it went up. To cut the story short, I got my energy back, my poor appetite back (lol). I’m ok now and hopefully won’t have any health problems anymore. The only thing that’s been bothering me now is my 3rd molar tooth. It’s growing the other way around and it’s painful when it’s scraping the walls of my mouth. It has to be removed.

Friday, July 25, 2008


After being bed ridden for quite a while, am back. I'll update you guys soon about what happened.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

UFC - Ultimate Flirting Championship

I’m planning to have my hair cut later this afternoon. Maybe later in the evening after attending my class. It is exam week right now. Anyways I remember when I was still at my elementary, I always cut classes when it’s Friday. Because Friday means it’s scouting. We'll line up at the field of the school and learn to march, tie a not, etc. Every time I attend these scouting sessions, there is only one thing that I don’t want to happen. The haircut inspection. I hate it! And then if you were not able to follow their prescribed haircut? Pahak is the term! Hehe! And that means you won’t be able to wear your Victory Hair.

Since you won’t be able to wear your Victory Hair, you’ll do some cute gestures to spark your crushes’ interest. You’ll clean up your face and wear that cute smile. Or there’s another way. You can use Extreme Style by VO5 or else, you’ll end up jealous and being that wimp on the corner.

And to those who are geniuses of flirting, you can flaunt your flirting techniques and try your flirting skill by playing or joining the Ultimate Flirting Championship (UFC). Try it! Ciao!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

City Streaks

Another photo safari was set and held last Saturday. We went uuuuuuuuuup at the rooftop of LandCo Bldg. We placed our tripods and started to frame. It was supposed to be another sunset shoot, this time at the city, but Haring Sun didn't cooperate. So I opted to shoot streaks instead. Pano Style!

in Blue

Warm City

I wish next time I can shoot again.. another short film or even a full length..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Increase Traffic with Zookoda

I saw this blogging thing three years ago. I saw Cherrys blog before. But I never really paid attention to it (honestly.. haha!). And there’s Jilyn, who blogged a year ago. And then I thought, I want to try it. Try blogging. And then I started my blog back in my friendster account. Eventually, I transferred here in blogger. I’ve met nice people here in blogosphere. I realized that maybe it is nice to know what is happening to your buddies blogs.

Then came Zookoda where you can send email to your buddies on what’s the latest happening to you! And it’s not just that. It can increase traffic to your blog! Traffic means how many people frequently visit your site and read all of your blog entries. Zookoda increases your traffic by sending your latest blogs directly into your visitors inbox! And you can send it daily, weekly or monthly!

Zookoda enables you to:
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Alright, all is set. Then here comes the question: “How much does it cost?” Would you believe that its all for FREE?! Yes, you’ve read that well. All you have to do is to visit their site and click that Register button! So what are you waiting for? Join now!

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Monday, July 14, 2008


Hey! We went up in Marilog last Friday to visit a school which has a Multigrade classes in it. Actually, the only class they have is a Multigrade class. Meaning, grades 1 to 3 are joined together in one class.

One of the aussies here in our office is going to make a Multigrade Instructional Video.

We left from the office at 9 a.m. I’m still sleepy when we’re travelling so I slept. We visited the office of the district supervisor first before going the actual school to do a courtesy call.

I was surprised to see that there’s only one teacher in that school. The kids were very independent because the kids only require minimum supervision. The kid in grade 3 teaches the younger ones. I even saw students in partners. They teach each other and share what they’ve learned. It’s really amazing when you see instances like these where people help each other. Even parents help the teacher to supervise the class.

It’s also inspiring when you see their learning materials because it’s improvised. They used twigs to be used as a material to teach the kids Math.

Anyway, so much for that. I have to do this best payday loan opp.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wishing Charter

I was pissed of one time when I was doing one of the blog opportunities. I was in a hurry to finish it because I only have 12 hours to finish it and I have only 2 hrs to make it when I checked my email. The internet was way too slow! I wish I was using Charter internet that time.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bisdak - Bisayang Dako!

:: Sinugdanan ::

Gina awhag nako tanang Bisayang Dako (BisDak) sa kahanginan na musalmot aning akong tagay aron kitang tanan malingaw ug magkailhanay. Inig human nimo ug tubag sa tagay, palihug ug balik sa BLOGSILOG aron mabutang imong ngalan sa listahan ni master. Kasabot? Hehe! ;)

Tagay na! Ipasa ko ni kay: Fern, Sha, Ayyi, Lani, kang Cheng² ug sa tanang BISDAK sa kalibutan!

Ang Nakigduwa: 1. Chikai (BLOGSILOG) 2. Tere (Blessings in Life) 3. Choco (Dashing Smiles) 4. Kittykay (Radiology Updates) 5. Vicy (Janeth Vicy’s Life Jouney) 6. Ylan (Sweet Serenity) 7. Glorie (Fit4All) 8. coicoi (coicoi's World)

1. Aha ka karon? - naa ko's opisina
2. Ni kaon na ka? - aw hagbay ra!
3. Minyo na ka? - wa pa man nuon...
4. Kung ing-ana man galing, unsa may plano nimo sa imong kinabuhi? - manginabuhi ug tarong ug palambuon ang mga maayong butang
5. Gapamalikas ka ba? - Pisti, unsa man ni nga pangutana? haha!
6. Aha ka man nag-wara2x adtong petsa 14? - hmm.. nakalimot baya ko..
7. Unsa may kalingawan diha sa inyoha karon? - dre? way kalingawan.. sige ra tag tutok sa monitor ani..
8. Kamulo kag tubag ani, naa bay naka-utot sa imong mga kauban diha? - wala pa man nuon ko ka simhot ug baho dre karon..
9. Ngano man murag nakakatawa ka adto nga pangutana sa utot? - wala ra pud.. hehe. ikaw daw beh..
10. Unsa imong pinakaunang giinom pagmata nimo? - bugnawng tubig
11. Na-higugma ka na ba sukad? - alangan noh!
12. Unya, patsada pud imong pamati adtong mga panahona? - kaila kag baterplay? murag naay baterplay sa imong tungol.. murag ana..
13. Talawan ba ka? - di man pud nuon
14. Siguro nag-gara2x ka nasad adtong ni-aging adlaw noh? - buotan baya ko.. di baya ko sigeg gara². atik lang! nyehe!
15. Sus, maulaw pa gyud na syag angkon uy, sa tinood ba? - Mao gani.. angkon na gani..
16. Lain pay ato, aha man imong lalabs karon? - naa sya sa ilang eskwelahan
17. Dawbe, palangga kaayo nimo imong lalabs? - perti!
18. Palangga ka pud kaha niya? - perti pud! hehe!
19. Sigurado ka? - alangan noh! alam mo na yan! kelangan pa bang imemorize yan?
20. Unsa may ma-daw2x nato diha sa inyo karon? - kape ra jud tawon ug milo ang naa dre sa opisina..
21. Unsa may buhaton nimo kung makakita kag guapa sa dalan? - tutukan ra tawon.. ug pasimpleng kidhat.. nyaha! joke ra oi..
22. Di ka maglaag karon? - di siguro.. pait ron eh..
23. Unsa may sekreto nimo na payts ra pud mabal-an namo? - di na na sikreto kung ingon ana man
24. Unsay sud-an ninyo diha? - way sud-an lagi dre kay opisina ni.. gahapon ra.. hah!
25. Gapangantyaw ba ka? - dili man... buotan man ko.. dili lagi kaayo dako imong ngipon noh? murag mouse.. nyahehehe.. joke!
26. Unya, nalingaw pud kaha imong gikantyawan? aw.. sila na gyud ang makatubag ana..
27. Unsay luod paminawon, TUBOL o LUBOT? - Tubol oi.. kaw daw.. kung mi tungha na sa imong kibot..
28. Chui pud magbinisaya ba kay kitakita ray magkasinabot? - haha! mao gyud..
29. Naay gatukar na sonata diha karon? wa tawon.. ang tingog ni Fern ra..
30. Pila mo kabuok magsuon? tulo (3)
31. Puwede mangutana? - unsa man?
32. Nalingaw kag tubag2x ani? - lingaw man pud..
33. Aha man imong barkada karon? - ambot asa sila. ang uban nangeskwela.. ang uban nanarbaho..
34. Nadam-ag ka na ba sukad? - mao! kaila kag naumod?
35. Gaba ra! Dawbe, gisakitan ka? - alangan noh.. testingi ra gud..
36. Daghan lamok sa inyo? - aw naa man pud.. pero wa silay kaya sa elektrik pan!
37. Unsa imong ikatambag sa mga tao nga gapanglibak sa imo? - Ang masuya.. TUWAD!
38. Pero sa tinood, gusto gyud unta nimo sila tuklu-on daw ilamba-lamba sa ding2x ba? - nailkatiron ang nipples!!!
39. Manimalos diay ka? - aw.. sige lang.. bahala na si Lord sa ila..
40. Naa ba kay mga pagbasol sa kinabuhi? - naa man pud siguro.. pero ok ra na.. di man pud ta maabot nganhi kung wala ta niagi ato.. sows!

:: Katapusan ::

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cinemalaya 2008

It's past 5 in the afternoon. I was bored and waiting for my class to start. I was browsing the net that time when my phone rang. I have no idea who owns the number but still, i answered the call.

"Hello? Good afternoon.." I greeted. "Hi, 'to po ba yung number ni Mona?" answered the person on the other end. "Hindi po, kaibigan ko po sya. Pwede po bang malaman kung anong kailangan mo sa kanya?"

"Ah hindi, this is Ruth from Cinemalaya. Gusto ko lang sana syang iinform na pumasok yung film nya sa kids section".
After hearing this, my heart jumped! And she asked.. "Meron ba kayong DVD playable copy nung film nya? Kasi avi yung pinadala nyang DVD eh."

"Ahhmm, ipapadala na lang po namin. Kelan nyo po ba kailangan?"

"Sa sabado na kasi ang screening nung film nya sa CCP so kung pwede mapadala nyo bukas."

"Ok po.. sige po salamat! Bye!"

Yipee! My good friend Mona's film "A Step for My Dream" just got through the Cinemalaya International Film Festival 2008! I was shooting my short film in Ampatuan while she was shooting hers in Paglat. We're both members of the Micromedia Productions! My kudos to her! I'm happy for you Monay! I hope they'll have refinance mortgage service for her.. lol!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Good catch

I went to a friend/Film Director who was shooting his full length film here in Davao (he's also a DavaoeƱo by the way). I was told that they're quarters is at Felis Beach Resort and they'll just go around the nearby communities to look for a place fit for the scene he needs.

While waiting for the text reply to know where they are in the area, I strolled around Felis and I got these images.. care to comment?

The Fisherman


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Proud Pinoy

I found this article from this forum. Reading THIS just makes me proud to be a Filipino.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bloggy Mommy

Hey you! Are you a mom? Do you stay at home while hubby goes to work? Of course you want to earn an extra income right? And who does not want to earn while staying at home? Do you have a blog? This is the perfect job for all you moms out there!

SocialSpark is inviting all moms all over the world to sign up in their mailing list and get the latest buzz when this becomes public. This amazing site brings bloggers and advertisers together. And guess what the best part is.. They love mommy bloggers! Think about it. You get to take care of hubby, take care of the baby or babies or kids, get to do all the household chores, and do what you love to do, that’s blogging I know, and earn some extra cash!

So if you are a stay at home mom and do not have a blog yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a blog and sign up for that mailing list of SocialSpark! But if you are a mom that owns a blog and is thinking to earn extra cash from your blog, then this is your chance! Type into your browser and meet up with other cool moms out there! Meet and greet new friends, share your thoughts on things. Share cooking secrets. It is a community out there! Did I forget to mention that its fun?

I just have to warn you though mommies, it’s Addicting!

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