Monday, October 27, 2008


Earl and I geared up for a river trek near my place last saturday. I just want to share some shots I took during the weekend.



I have more here.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

(100th Post!) Workshop with Director Peque Gallaga

Its my 100th post! And I would like to share a portion of what happened last Saturday. I hurried and took a taxi to Durian Owl where the workshop would be held. When I arrived, there were already some participants comfortably sitting on the sofas.

After a while the director of the movie "Oro, Plata, Mata, Batang X, Scorpion Nights, Magic Kingdom, etc.", director Peque Gallaga arrived. I can tell that the participants were already excited after seeing him by looking at their faces. We settled at the comfortable sofas, and he started talking.

After the whole day talking, we had a nice fellowship after the workshop. Dish Avenue prepared the cocktails, Durian Owl hosted the place. Good place, good food, good peeps!

Direk Peque explaining "Mise En Scene" to the participants
The people behind Mindanao Film Festival - Guerilla Filmmaking strikes a pose with Direk Peque.
Direk Peque doing the "owl" pose.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lazy Day Sunday (again)

I had a lazy Sunday yesterday. I just stayed in my room while waiting for my brother to go home. He is using the camera that I needed to capture a video to my laptop. While waiting, I went up to get one of my sister’s books and read. I realized I needed a desk lamp while am reading it.

I searched the web and I bumped into a lamps buying guide. They have moveable and fixed lamps. Good and fashionable designs too. You can easily find what you want when you visit their site because the lamps are categorized based on the kind of lamp.

Back in my room, I can just imagine where to place the desk lamp that I’m planning to buy.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Guerilla Filmmaking 6 - Day 1 Kicks Off

I hurried to go to school since our group project that will be shown in the class on that very same day is not yet finished. I still have to get some parts of the presentation from my classmate.

We immediately assembled the parts of the presentation and was able to make it on time.

After the class, I decided to go to the 1st day of the Guerilla Filmmaking Workshop that is being held at Durian Oowl Bar.

The director of the film "Huling Balyan ng Buhi", Sherad Anthony Sanchez, is already listening to the participants as they develop a story out of the picture on the newspaper.

A participant tells his story based on the newspaper while Huling Balyan ng Buhi director Sherad Anthony Sanchez listens.
Story Development Class.

MinFiTel (Mindanao Film and Television Development Foundation Inc.) president Arjay Sta. Teresa D.M.M., giving last minute instructions to the participants before the Day 1 of the workshop ends.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Reminiscing Technographix V

I got bored and tried to search for my name. To my surprise, I got this article from this site! Oh my, I can still feel the joy of winning this competition. I remember we've worked so hard to be in the final 20 of this competition. Spent a day just to render 10 seconds of 3d animation, barely slept, and a lot of teamwork. We've been working on the project separately. Usually, we meet before going home and discuss what will be done and work on it until the wee hours of the morning. Sweet!

"95.5 WRocK came up with the highly successful Lite RocK Technographix V, a computer graphics final competition on its 5th year, last August 17, 2004 at SM City Entertainment Plaza. The endeavor was WRocK’s brainchild and its annual involvement to the Kadayawan Sa Dabaw festivities. It aimed to provide a new venue for the depiction of Davao’s Kadayawan Festival (the Kadayawan has been portrayed in film, dramas, plays, paintings and other traditional forms of art. Every year, WRocK aims to drop a unique accent to the festival by coming up with something that is entirely new to the people of Davao); To encourage the city’s young and budding computer artists to excel in their field of specialty in an atmosphere of healthy, motivational competition; and to prove to the rest of the country that Mindanao is at par with the times by being actively involved in the technological advance of the millennium.

57 contestants, 19 entries representing 11 schools, colleges and universities vied for the grand prizes in the revelry of the fusion of roots and modern art; the combination of culture and technography; of ethnicity and computer graphics.

Entry No. 13 from Jayson Albano, Raphael Villejo, James and Michael Wales and Andrew Gabotero of AMA Computer College garnered the 3rd prize. Entry No. 14 from Eric Clark Su of John Paul II College of Davao was proclaimed 2nd place. Entry No. 18 from McRobert Nacario, Felino Diel, Rosenlee Torres, Gemini Ritz Ayupan, Erick Derama and Raymond Sunga of AMA Computer College brought home the Grand prizes which includes a brand new 128 mb Philips Digicam, accommodation at Eden Nature Park and exciting premium items from WRocK. Texters’ choice award was given to Shane Ryan Diaz and Kirth Anthony Anthony of Cor Jesu College, Digos City.

Vocal quintet, D’ COUSINS, and the highly-esteemed Shayloh rendered delightful intermission numbers.

The judges were: Mr. Edwin Maranon, IT Chair of Region XI; Mr. Kenneth Arquiza, Edit Station’s Proprietor; Mr. Ian Garcia, City Tourism Officer, Mr. Patrick Andong, owner of Blinque, and Mr. Lou Raphael Canedo, proprietor of Alchemy of Light and Vision .

WRocK Assistant for Programming and Production, Donn Gonzales was the highly-spirited host of the event, assisted by Glenn Estipona, Jeruel Garado and Ben Ng Suy of 4Faces.

Lite Rock Technographix V is also presented by SM City and Edit Station. Sponsored by Alchemy of Vision and Light, 4Faces Event Masters, Brokenshire College, Philips. WRocK extends its gratitude to Sunburst, CBS Metalcraft Marco Polo Davao Skycable, Chippens, Sony Music, Apo Natural Spring Water, Level Up Games and Mediskin.

Kudos to all the contestants especially the winners! Hope to see everyone again next year in Lite Rock Technographix VI, Kadayawan of 2005"

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Because its Ayyi's birthday, Me, Cheng², Fern, and Mary anne went out and sing our hearts out! I enjoyed even if I was kinda tired that night. We went to a new videoke bar somewhere in Rizal.

Fern, Ayyi, Cheng2, and Mary anne
Coke gurls..
Birthday kisses!!