Wednesday, July 16, 2008

City Streaks

Another photo safari was set and held last Saturday. We went uuuuuuuuuup at the rooftop of LandCo Bldg. We placed our tripods and started to frame. It was supposed to be another sunset shoot, this time at the city, but Haring Sun didn't cooperate. So I opted to shoot streaks instead. Pano Style!

in Blue

Warm City

I wish next time I can shoot again.. another short film or even a full length..


kittykat said...

nice photos..pwede pod ka sa kasal???LOL

Crissy said...

nice shot! liked it.

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rhon said...

hehehe very nice... apila ko ana ha? paguli na ko... hehehe

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Cathy said...

Hey Coi,

I made you a logo that you can put a code in to exchange with your friends. Here's the link: Logo

Hope you like. I'm working on making logo for sale.

Chikai said...

hello coi! just in case u need fillers, i got one ready for u here: