Sunday, July 27, 2008

Never behind with Cisco

I’m taking my bachelors degree right now in one of the worst computer school (Bwahaha!) here in my place. If it were not because of their financial program probably I’m already finished with my degree. Anyways, even if it’s the most corrupt school in the country, there’s one program that I think is the best offer that they have, the CISCO Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) program which is embedded in our curriculum.

CISCO is the first and leading manufacturer of quality switches and routers. They have their own online academy where you can learn and study how the internet works and how you can create your own network of networks! Learn how to setup your own CISCO router manually or automatically. Create your own Wide Area Network.

I’m currently enrolled in their CCNA program which introduces me to the world of networking. We were taught to setup networks and networks of computers. We delved into cabling and some other cool networking stuff! We also tackled how to configure a CISCO router to connect to another router. Later on, we will be discussing user controls in different computer platforms.

And the best is yet to come.. If you’ll take and pass their online Cisco certification exam, you’ll have another plus on your resume! I myself am planning to take their Cisco certification exam when I’m done taking my 4 semesters in their online academy. Cisco will definitely help you to get successful in your career! You’ll never get behind with Cisco.

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Miah Laborte said...

hahahaha worst school gyud! waaahhh.... hehehe.. just got this opp too.. weeee... :)

Noor Saada said...

Hi Coicoi,

Hehehe ...! I hope your school heads are not computer literate or you are in the hot seat.

coicoi said...

haha! yeah! matagal na akong nasa hot seat sa school sir. mula nung nag oppose kami dun sa kanilang webcast.. pero ok naman na ngayon.. hehe.. were just working, SC officer ako nun eh.. so trabaho lang.. walang personalan yun.. :D