Monday, July 14, 2008


Hey! We went up in Marilog last Friday to visit a school which has a Multigrade classes in it. Actually, the only class they have is a Multigrade class. Meaning, grades 1 to 3 are joined together in one class.

One of the aussies here in our office is going to make a Multigrade Instructional Video.

We left from the office at 9 a.m. I’m still sleepy when we’re travelling so I slept. We visited the office of the district supervisor first before going the actual school to do a courtesy call.

I was surprised to see that there’s only one teacher in that school. The kids were very independent because the kids only require minimum supervision. The kid in grade 3 teaches the younger ones. I even saw students in partners. They teach each other and share what they’ve learned. It’s really amazing when you see instances like these where people help each other. Even parents help the teacher to supervise the class.

It’s also inspiring when you see their learning materials because it’s improvised. They used twigs to be used as a material to teach the kids Math.

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