Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sickly Week

After being absent for a week, finally I’m back. After our visit to Marilog, that afternoon I already felt that bad feeling. The feeling that I’m about to get sick.

Saturday – It was already 8:00 a.m. when I woke up. And when I tried to get up, I was dizzy. I knew right there and then that I am sick. I couldn’t eat well because all the food that I try to eat was tasteless. Grandma and Cheng² usually puts a wet towel on my forehead to lower my body temperature, and it did. Well at least for hours. But when the night comes, it rises up again. And I’ll start to feel cold.

Sunday – When I got up that morning, I immediately went to the Sala because I wanted to sit and watch TV (even if I’m so dizzy). “Hala! Ano yang nasa mukha mo?” my sister asked me. “Ha?, Bakit?” I asked her back and struggled to get to the mirror to have a look at myself. Little red rashes started to appear in my face. I was nervous that time because the idea of having a dengue started to appear in my mind. Considering the fact that my body temperature sometimes goes down and up again after a few hours, I started to get nervous (who wouldn’t?). So later that evening we decided that I will have my blood platelets checked early in the morning the next day.

Monday – We went to the lab to have my platelets checked. It’s only 157k, meaning low. If it get’s below 100k, I’ll start to have nosebleeds, or gum bleeds, Dengue. I wen't to a Doctor in the OPD of SPH to have the result of my blood test read and she told me that I have to be admitted because I have signs of Dengue (see?). But I refused. I went to the OPD section of the Davao Medical Center to have a second opinion. The doctors asked me where the rashes started. "Sa face no?" the doctors asked. I said yes. And the she asked me again, "..tapos sa body na pababa?" I said yes again. And the the doctor told her assistant to check something behind my ears. She touched something behind my ear, there's a lump behind it. "Ah, yes doc meron o.." her assistant told the doctor. "Ah, Rubella and sakit mo" the doctor told me. Without an idea what it is.. i said ok.. lol.

Later on, I searched the net to know what it is. Rubella, in lay-mans term is German Measles. I really got relieved when I've read about it.

It went on like that for the next 2 days. But I still visit the lab to monitor my platelets. Luckily it went up. To cut the story short, I got my energy back, my poor appetite back (lol). I’m ok now and hopefully won’t have any health problems anymore. The only thing that’s been bothering me now is my 3rd molar tooth. It’s growing the other way around and it’s painful when it’s scraping the walls of my mouth. It has to be removed.


Miah Laborte said...

aha! kaya pala long time no post.. tsk3... welcome bckto blogging world! nice kaau imong come back dah kay PR@ gyud ka.. hhmm.. inggit ako... ehehehe... akongisa ka blog na lng ngka-pr hehehe...

Cathy said...

Glad you're back Coi.

Mommy Cathy