Monday, May 12, 2008

An Urban Challenge

The other day, my friend Kiko asked me “Coi, naa ka diri ugma”? (Coi, are you going to be here tomorrow?). “Uhuh, ngano?” (Yes. Why?) I replied. “Naa man gu’y urban challenge ugma. Basi gusto ka mag picture. Diri man gud ang isa ka challenge sa race.” (There will be an urban challenge tomorrow. I was thinking, maybe you want to take pictures. One of the challenges in the race will be held here. ). “Ah, ok. Sige lang, basi madala nako akong cam ugma”. (Oh yes, maybe I can bring my cam tomorrow).

The next morning, I was able to bring my camera after getting it from my bro’s office. It was 2:30 p.m. already when I was on the way to Kiko’s house. I was riding a jeepney. As we passed by Bankerohan Bridge, I saw a girl jogging as if she was going after something or someone. Suddenly, a sweaty man leaped from the side of the jeepney and I realized he’s a teammate of that girl. They’re the participants of the urban race.

As I enter the compound where Kiko’s place is located, I saw 3 flags formed in a straight line. I also saw Kiko, his wife’s son, Bams, and a couple of kids waiting for the participants to arrive. I also saw Smooch wearing a T-shirt of the said event. I wonder whats her participation in the event.. hmm.. By the way guys, I want you to meet Smooch…

… a 2 year old Great Dane. Here she is with Strawberry.

The task is that you will Walk with Smooch in a zigzag form passing through those flags. Easy isn’t it? You bet!

Now here are the participants doing the task..

I don't know what the guys are thinking here.. hehe.
Here's Puff (Left) and Sniff (Right). I think they're figuring out how can they get this cookie.

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narissa said...

nice dogs!

coicoi said...

Yeah! I love them too! thanks for visiting my site!