Thursday, May 29, 2008

Difficult is Worth Doing

2 years ago my brother asked me to assist students from a school to do their school project. They were marketing students and were given an assignment to make a TV ad for a KTV Resto here in Davao. I will be their camera person at the same time, editor. I said yes of course because it means extra cash.

The next day we met at the client’s establishment. We then we shoot! We were not able to pull off some of the scenes because they did not plan well. And when we came into editing, I didn’t like the output. I had suggestions but it was rejected. Well, they liked the final product though, so I had no problems.


Planning is very important when it comes to this job. If you plan well, you’ll produce good quality output! Just like the makers of the new Honda TV ad. They invested time to plan their shots, the layout, the message they want to send across, and they practiced! They only proved that difficult is worth doing. The final product: EXCELLENT!

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Prily said...

lovely post, i made mine as well...