Monday, May 26, 2008

A Portrait of Basmati

I was able to take a leave from the office last thursday and friday. I stayed at home and rested for the whole two days. But last Sunday, we shot the last part of my friends pre nuptial shoot. :D It was good! I hope I'd be able to share the final product to you guys soon.

After that shoot, we rushed to my friend Teng's house for another shoot! This time, for a short film. But unfortunately, we weren't able to stick to the sched for some reasons I won't tell.. Bwehehe! But as we were talking, his cat Basmati strutted like a supermodel towards Cheng² who's sleeping at the carpet. Then Basmati jumped up the chair. She posed.. and I clicked the shutter.
Lady Basmati

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ira said...

hehehehehehe basmati? indian rice mana dri coi

Rebecca said...

awww, adorable! ^,,^ - MEOW Rebecca/Skippyheart

Anonymous said...

was she angry???

her red nose seems to potray it!

coicoi said...

@papams hehehe! yeah! shes hungry not angry.hehe :D

@rebecca yeah i agree!

@ ira.. iring ni diri! hehe

Cathy said...

So Cute! I always wanted a cat but my husband says no :(