Monday, April 21, 2008

Shoot last Sat

.. Angel wings started to surface on my back. I can feel my feet weren’t touching the ground anymore. I’m flying! I started to flap my wings, I can hear it… I can hear... I can hear the alarm! Aargh! Yes, I realized I’m dreaming.

I’m watching TV when my colleague texted informing me that they already left their house. I started to put the cam’s battery charger, tapes, and an extra battery in my bag. Swung the camera sling on my shoulder, carried the tripod and went off to meet them.

We went to Loleng’s Mountain Spring to because it’s my colleague’s prenup pictorial! Here are some of the behind the scene pics:

...sweet isn't it?

and finally.. a pic of me..

Thank God it rained after the shoot not during the shoot...


Miah Laborte said...

nice nice... hahaha nakatawa lang ko sa first pic kay mura kag bata na naglingkod hehehe.. peace! :D

Tatske said...

Great photos! :)