Wednesday, April 23, 2008

1st Anniv!

I immediately left the office when the siren sounded. I grabbed the paper inside my pocket that read "check-white flowers" as I walked towards the flower shop. I showed it to the attendant, and she went get the flowers. Yes, it was nice. Lovely!

I walked out from the flowershop but wait.. Sha and Cheng is in McDo. I wonder what will be her reaction if someone will give her flowers in a public place..

And so, I went back to the flowershop and told them to deliver the flowers in McDo. I also texted Sha to keep her in busy because it's coming.

Yes, She recieved the flowers... Haha! Teary eyed (according to Sha).. she accepted it.

This pic was taken after we left Mcdo.

She ordered Sizzling Steak when we went to a steak house here later that evening.

I'll post later what thingSSS she gave me...


Crissy said... sweet!! never received any from my bf. LOL.

Cathy said...

Sweeeeeet naman!

Happy Anniversary!

coicoi said...

thanks cathy and crissy! hehe. meron yan! kunwari pa kayo.. hehe

Anonymous said...

awww.. how sweet~~~ congrats to u both!

coicoi said...

Thanks pams!! :D