Monday, April 14, 2008

Documentary Filmmaking - Dominic Morrissette Style!

Even if I was still sleepy because we watched the documentary Afghan Chronicles the night before, I forced myself to get up and try to make myself awake by taking a bath. I shook Sha and My Cheng² to wake them up also. We ate a quick breakfast and went to the IIPE.

There were a few early birds. Still looking sleepy because some of them came from Kidapawan and some came from Tagum.

While waiting for the guest. Teng let them watch the movie.

After the long wait, the Canadian director of the Afghan Chronicles - Dominic Morrissette arrived!

He explain how was it doing the documentary.
Tried to answer all of our questions.
And of course, posed with all of us!

And do you think ill let this moment pass? Though it was kinda like a stolen shot,took a picture of me with him of course! Thanks to Arnel B.!


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Must be interesting to be in your line of industry!!

Real cool header dude..

I've added u in my blogroll :D

Thanks for droppin by my site!

- said...

yeah! its cool and exciting! thanks! you have interesting posts too! tnx agen!