Monday, April 7, 2008

Long Day Sunday

-Yawn- ugh! I was lying butt-raised and still sleepy when my phone rang waking me up. It was Sunday and I have to have a quick breakfast and freshen up because I know, I'll be late if I won't get up. First up, I’ll be a Ninong(godfather) to my friend’s daughter.

Me and my Cheng² went to Holy Cross of Agdao where the baptism will be held.

(Baby Arriane being baptized)

And of course, We went to their place and had lunch.

(I wonder what's in my friends mind while he's with her.. looks like he's up to something.. haha!)

I had to get going later that day. Though I’m tipsy having drank almost a case of Red Horse Grandes, I went to meet my teammates in the production to have some… PIZZA!

So with my Cheng2, we went to Picobello’s. We met Ayyi at the elevator on our way up. Since it was 50% off, we ordered…. 6 flavors of PIZZAS!

And then came Fern, and Sharon.
And they posed! LOL

Whew! We left the place with our tummies full! Did you think we stopped there? Nope! Not yet! We accompanied Ayyi to meet our bosses at MIXFM where they were guests at a Radio Show.

Man! Thatt was a long day..

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