Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Birthday Present

I was working on an illustration needed by our specialist for her manual this morning. When I saw the picture frame hanged on the wall, I remembered the birthday present that I was supposed to be doing for my boss.

I immediately thought of a concept that somehow, manly.. I made it through Photoshop. I needed to print it BIG because the frame that they bought was big and so I turned on the large format printer and printed it. I was beginning to feel excited when I saw the output. The next thing we did was to make an embossed image of a car. What we did was paste it in a Styrofoam and cut it out.

Man it really looks good! The only problem was that the Styrofoam made a lot of mess. The particles that made it scattered all over the place because we did a lot of cutting. Good thing we owned a Dirt Devil . It easily sucked up the particles of the Styrofoam, and even the dust went in! Another good thing was that it saves energy! It uses only 70% energy to operate it, the very reason why they earned an Energy Star approval! How’s that for a vacuum cleaner?

Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge

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