Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hidden Paradise

The sun was up when I woke up that sunday morning. It was Easter Sunday. Fernan, was using Jeffy's laptop talking to a friend over the net. I Thought he was going to church that morning that's why am surprised to see him there awake chatting early in the morning after a long night of preparing the food for the next days activity.

I took a shower, geared up, and hurried up to Sasa. As usual we're late. All of them were already there and waiting for the two of us.

We were like gingerbread men in the making, being baked through the heat of the sun. With my beat box in my left hand and the bamboo pole on the other as guide, we went down through the steep path. Flordy even took off her Crocs™ sandals just to get a good grip of the rocky path (She managed to get over the pain caused by the limestones of course!).

After the long multicab ride, not the mention the dusty road that we were like natives from africa wearing their tribal make-ups, plus the multicab breakdown on our way, and of course the steep path, we finally arrived!

The water is bluer than the sky you see... =) All worth it huh? I wanna go back to this place.. with less people around us.. Wanna Join?! hehehe!

Here's some pics for you to enjoy.. (Hopefully!hehe! Photos by: Earl Saavedra and coicoi)

The "Lost Season" cast! hehehehe

I am Lost

"The Campsite" ( =P )

Boracay? Ikaw ba yan? hihihi

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Chikai said...

hello coi!!! thanks for dropping by my blog. i am so itching to buy a dslr cam pero hulat2x sa ko gamay. i want james to buy it for me para naay sentimental value. hahahahaha!

ibog kaayo ko sa inyong adventure sa canibad oi. how i really wish i can go there... unsaon man gud ni si james opposing forces kaayo. lol! haay.. basta this summer i am going to visit this place jud. with or w/out james. LOL!