Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mindanao Film Festival a SUCCESS!

Here's some PROOF that the Mindanao Film Festival was a success unlike what OTHERS have said. It was held at The Venue last December 21, 2008.

Trophies up for grabs for the filmmakers. Despite working without funds, we were able to come up with decent trophies and a reasonable cash prize for the Best Film. (My team received 7 of those back then.)

The Father of Independent Filmmaking in the Philippines - Kidlat Tahimik showing his Bamboo Camera as a Special Award for the filmmaker/s who found their "Sariling Duwende".


Miah Laborte said...

wow syalan lage kay sa venue.... wehehehe....

Reel Advice said...

Hi there!

Mighty from Penstalker has informed us about your blog!

Anyway, I never realized that such events happened "down under". Looking at the pics, this was a grand event that was really well-thought and prepared well!

Hope you can help us find Indie films that may not be shown here in Manila! :)

coicoi said...

Oh! Thanks to Mighty you were able to visit my blog.

Yes, there's an annual Film Fest happening here in Davao. We've been doing this for the 6th year now officially the 4th Mindanao Film Fest.

Yeah, hopefully I would be able to inform you on what's happening to the local indie scene here. I'd email you or drop a message on your blog in case. :)